2016 POA Dues

Happy New Year Silver Creek Community!  The 2016 POA Dues are being generated by the finance team and will be distributed shortly.   We will post another update once the dues have been generated and are ready to be sent.  Remember, you can help us reduce our annual dues by helping cut down on mailings.  To help us, please be sure to send an email to silvercreekpoa@yahoo.com requesting your dues to be sent electronically.

Additionally, our website is laying the ground work to be able to provide a copy of all invoices per person as well as historical payment information.  We will update everyone once this is fully implemented.

We do offer electronic payments through credit or debit cards securely now through our website.  We can say with confidence we processed a number of electronic payments through the website last year with several satisifed owners.  If you want to do this, simply click PAY POA DUES on the right side of the home page.  (If you don’t see this button, just click the “Members” tab from the Menu on the top of this page.  It will be a button listed on that page as well.).

Thanks for all the feedback, and we are looking to a successful 2016 on the mountain!