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Welcome new Silver Creek Community Members!

*NOTE:  This page is a work in progress.  We are working to update the links and content.  For any questions regarding purchasing lots, selling lots, or general questions, please see our Contact Us Page and send us a note.  Thank you for your patience.

Whether you just purchased land and/or a home or you are looking to purchase a property at Silver Creek Community, we welcome you to this beautiful gem hidden in Western North Carolina!  Below, you will find several important links and documents necessary to getting you familiar with our community.  And of course, you can always feel free to reach out to the Board of Directors through our contact us form.

Things you should know –

  • Welcome Packet
  • Property Owners Association (POA)
  • Governing Documents (Restrictions, Bylaws, etc.)
  • Facebook and Communications Updates
  • Members Only Website
  • Dues
  • Miscellaneous

Welcome Packet

All new homeowners should receive a packet of information related to our community from their realtor.  If you do not receive this, you can contact the Board of Directors and notify them that you are new property owner.  As a property owner, you are entitled to use of the community amenities, including our community lodge and pool.  You should receive in your welcome packet from your realtor a form to request a gate remote control, a key to the back gate, and a request form for a lodge access code.  If you do not receive this from your realtor or previous owner, please contact our Board of Directors for assistance in obtaining it.

Property Owners Association (POA)

Our community, made up of 300 lots, is managed by our own members through a Property Owners Association, also known as the POA.  The POA operates on a two year term of 5 board of directors, and is staggered each year.  Each year, two or three new members terms are expired in order to maintain consistency.  The community, known as “Silver Creek Community” was incorporated in XXXXXX, and includes the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  These are the documents which govern how our community association is run.  These documents set the organization, the rules, and the policies.  Any questions about these or recommendations for change should be proposed to the Board of Directors.  Additionally, the community maintains committees by volunteers to assist in some of the activities of maintaining our community.

Our governing documents can be obtained by clicking here.

Facebook and Communications Updates

Our community maintains a public Facebook page which shows off our gorgeous community, lots for sale, and annual public events.  The Facebook page (click here to visit) is open and accessible to any Facebook user, who abides by Facebook’s rules and regulations.  In addition, our Board of Directors has the right at its discretion to remove any content it deems necessary without warning.

Our communications committee is responsible for sending our quarterly newsletters and publishing content to our website.  Community notices are also posted outside of the communities main entrance gate at the bulletin.

Members Only Website

Property Owners, who are verified by the Board of Directors can request a username and password to the community website, where the latest information, community directory, and interactive content is available.  Some of the features of our website available to members only is listed at our members login page (Click here to preview).  To request a login, simply press the Register button and the Board of Directors will be notified.  We attempt to encourage all property owners to opt into electronic communication in order to save our communities spending and provide additional value.


Our community operates on a once a year community dues structure.  The current dues are $XYZ for a lot without a structure and $ZYX for a lot with a structure.  Each owner is responsible for ensuring their lot(s) are paid in full.  Additional information about a association fees are in the welcome packet.


You will find our community has many hidden features and we hope you enjoy the amazing views and our amazing surrounding features including our community lodge and pool.  For additional information, you may find the below FAQs helpful for finding additional information.

  • 1. Board of Directors
  • 2. Community
  • 3. General
  • 4. Website
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  • 1. Where can I find the Deed Restrictions and Bylaws for Silver Creek Community

    The Deed Restrictions and Bylaws for Silver Creek Community can be found here on our website, or through contacting the Board Of Directors.

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  • 2. Who is the Board of Directors?

    Silver Creek Community is operated as a non-profit corporation in the state of North Carolina. The Board of Directors are a governing body required by North Carolina law to oversee the business and operation of the Silver Creek Community. The Board of Directors are elected during the Annual meeting, held each October, and are volunteers who own property within the Silver Creek Community.

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  • 3. How do I contact the Board Of Directors?

    The Board Of Directors can be contacted through the Contact Us Form.

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  • 1. Does Silver Creek offer Garbage Collection?

    Silver Creek Community does not currently have a garbage collection system. Silver Creek Community is located within the Burke County area, and is able to take advantage of the Burke County Garbage Collection sites as part of the taxes paid. Silver Creek Community is just a short drive to the closest collection facility, on US-64. More information about Burke County Garbage is available from:

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